Game drives big 5 reserves

There is no safari without the big 5, we have under 2h drive national parks and private reserve to fulfill that adventure.


We are crazy about organic food, we can`t hide it.

Our veggie garden provides fresh vegetables and fully tasty salads, a perfect complement for a wide variety of game meat.

We still didn’t convince our lions to eat grass, so we share with them the game collected ethically on our premises. All accompanied with South African wines…

Cubs interaction (Subject to availability)

There is nothing better than a mum, so our lions grow with their mother without interaction. But, on some circumstances if the animals struggle we will raise them, being an opportunity for the guest to help with the feeding.

Eco tour, 1.5-2h walk

Are you an active person who want to decide the path? We will take you walk and stalk to get closer to the animals for amazing shots, and to have an active safari with dust on your boots.

Cheetah and wild dogs tour

Unique experience where you will be able to interact with this amazing animals.

Crocodile tour

Come and meet this living dinosaurs, see the crocs snapping up their food during the Crocodile Feeding Show.Learn all there is to know about the fierce Nile Crocodile and give your taste buds a thrill and try our mouthwatering Croc Meat dishes.

Rhino museum

Bambelela monkey sanctuary

Beautiful rehabilitation center where to learn about the vervet monkeys on a different approach.